Monday, March 31, 2014

Breaking: nuns, babies, puppies, dolphins spark fierce liberal backlash

Breaking: nuns, babies, puppies, dolphins spark fierce liberal backlash | The Matt Walsh Blog

(Ok, so it's not breaking. It's about the Super Bowl commercial)

Coke commercial with all the different languages singing America the Beautiful. Mehh. Thought it sounded pretty. Kind of cool to think of all the people who have come here to seek a better life and found it. Kind of cool that "American" is a very vague description of a person.

And I'm about as conservative as they come.

Offended? Yes. They didn't use the national anthem. Gasp! (never mind no one can actually sing that song. Oh never mind being offended. Let's all vote to change it to America the Beautiful or God Bless America and be done with it. They're better songs anyway.)

But offended at the different colors on the screen? Nahh. Just looked like my family and friend's families.

You know what? Maybe if the liberals would shut up about race for a month or two we would all quit even noticing and become racially-colorblind.

Truth is, their the ones keeping racism alive. They'd be out of work if they didn't.

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