Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Last Two Weeks:

We have been very busy away from computers for the last two weeks. Here are my facebook updates for that time:
Lady came into our yard today telling us about activities at the local community center. Turns out she is an ex-homeschooler (kids grown), farmer, herbalist, .....

Didn't know there was room for two of us in the neighborhood:-) lol
Spent the last two mornings building a greenhouse and rabbit run. Run is done. Greenhouse frame is done, too, but the door, window and walls still need to be installed.
Today's news:
Splitting headache:-(
Lost bolts to the green house
fridge is terminally ill.
2 o clock [A.M.] and all's....uhhh... not so well:( Josh woke up sick. All cleaned up and he's back to sleep now. Hubby don't feel so hot either:(
News: my headache finally went away but Josh was complaining of one last night. He seems to be resting well now though.

New fridge arrives tomorrow.

Cat is fat. She was adopted from a shelter and was fixed before we adopted her. At least that was what they told us.....

Now to make some sourdough biscuits for lunch after church...
Today's news: New fridge is pretty, though a bit smaller than the last (really I think the freezer is bigger so there is more room for frozen dinners, which we don't eat. I would prefer the space in the fridge, but it just wasn't available.) But now we get an ice maker again (been without one for years).
Drove a trailer for the first time. Even backed it:-)
Wind didn't quite blow away the new greenhouse. I think it is a success since we only had to chase down a few panels. We'll glue them all in as soon a possible. The frame looks fine though:-)
Josh is up and around though I don't think he really feels good yet. Several others are a bit off, but up.
 And today:
Did school for the first time in two weeks. Actually, we have been "doing school." It's just more practical hands on stuff than our normal book work. The hands on will probably be more usefull in the future anyway. 
Our new Betas dies:-( Jenn is researching what she wants to get next.
The chicks are about ready to go outside. Just a bit too cold yet.
I have learned how to remove skin from a Gecko toe. Seems they don't always shed it all the way off and can lose a toe to the restriction of the retained skin. So we soaked her for half an hour on a wet paper towel, pulled out the tweezers, and did a manicure.
Fodder experiment doing good. Beans are already sprouting.
After Joe's first computer programing lesson today he informed me he already knew all that. He learned it playing Minecraft.
By the way, after prayer, we found all the lost bolts for the greenhouse plus one extra:-D 

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