Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yesterday, a young man came and got the calf crate we have bee using as a rabbit hutch. The doors are heavy and sticky and I have been afraid a little girl would get hurt on them. He is going to use it as a pig crate.

Got more information on the neighborhood goat share program. Just might be something we can use.

Headache. Been having a lot of those lately. Don't know if I'm eating wrong, back's out of place, or something else going on. It does usually feel better after breakfast so blood sugar issues are the most likely.

Nearly done with "Curing Tooth Decay naturally." Lot's of good information. Toothdecay is more related to our bad American diets than to bacteria or genetics.

Host for our church's sermons changed everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, around. It's like trying to learn a whole new site. Hoping to get caught up on all my work soon.

I feel so much better after reading this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-nielsen/10-reasons-why-the-resear_b_5004413.html This is actually the conclusion I have come to. It's the Amish idea: technology is not inherently bad but must be evaluated on its good and bad points and intelligent decisions made. I have decided  that the benefits of my children writing...constantly...on their own blogs, plus all they are learning through publishing their own YouTube channel and exploring Minecraft are worth the down sides as long as I monitor their exercise. And having a math tutor come into my home everyday (Math U See's author Steve giving video lessons) is worth it's weight in gold!

Matt Walsh's take on the whole Hobby Lobby thing:

"Want the government out of your sex life? Stop asking them to subsidize it. Stop asking them to force employers to subsidize it. Stop making your sex habits into a public issue....Truly, only a modern leftwing progressive can get away with asserting their right to a particular good or service by simultaneously arguing that everybody uses it and nobody uses it."

If it's so hard to get birthcontrol that we have to violate peoples basic rights to religious freedom in order to provide it, than how can the majority of women be on birthcontrol? and as one commenter pointed out, don't we already pay Planned Parenthood to provide BC? Why do we have to force people who believe they will go to hell for paying for it to do so anyway?     Read the rest of his article here.

Hypocrites:-P  I am getting so tired of those hypocrites who call people who go to church bad names and constantly degrade those trying to serve God. It's the ones who call themselves CHRISTIANS that are the worst (actually I understand the lost doing it, but those who are supposed to be brothers and sisters in Christ? Really?) How in the world does it help ANYONE to call the church names and call everyone who goes names? Grrrrrrrrr.

Fact is, it is fashionable to to despise the church right now. Talk about selling your soul to Satan to get in good with worldly powers. Just remember, when the Nazis come to drag the church goers to jail it was you, dears, who gave them the power.

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