Friday, March 28, 2014

Charity and Compassion

This kind of quote makes me so frustrated! Jesus did command us to help the poor, absolutely! He did NOT tell us to take money away from other people to do it! The liberals steal money from the people who earn it to give to their pet charities and call themselves "loving." Conservatives give of their OWN MONEY and TIME and ENERGY to their pet charities and allow everyone else to do the same and somehow this is hateful?!

I think it is telling that in the Mosaic Law, (what Paul called the only Law that could bring perfection if a Law could bring perfection), though charity was commanded, there was no power given to any human authority to enforce it. This was an issue left between God and each individual man.

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History has proven that, when given free reign, private giving is most certainly enough.

Some people don’t deserve a living wage | The Matt Walsh Blog
The whole "living wage" thing sounds real good and is a useful tool for those who think they know better what a business should/can pay their employee than the owner does. It is an argument used to raise minimum wages.

But here's the deal:
Not everyone needs or wants, much less deserves a "living wage." Matt covers that last one well. Lazy, selfish people should have to change their ways in order to get paid.

If you were a business owner who would you hire? a teenage boy just out of school or a 25yo man with work experience? The answer depends on what you have to pay them. If you have to pay the same no matter what you will take the man. If you are allowed to pay less for less experience you can take a chance on the boy, opening the door for him into the working world.

History shows us that minimum wage laws ALWAYS  hurt minorities, minors and seniors. This is because they make the playing field unlevel: middle age whites bring better education, work experience, and more work time for the training costs to the table. No one else can compete unless they can bring lower wages.

(Now, just a side note: if minimum wage laws had never been enacted minorities would have been able from the 60s at least to prove themselves on equal footing with whites. It was happening in the 50s with employers taking a chance on the cheaper labor. Today they would likely be equal to whites in the job market with no difference in perceived worker-worth had the liberals kept their hands out of it and allowed the market to do its work. Instead, we haven't gained any ground in this area at all, and may have lost some.)

And generally teenagers don't' need living wages. They just need "allowance" wages. Often the same for the elderly. They just want something to supplement an already ok retirement.

Minimum wage laws prevent these alternative reasons for employment and without actually doing any good anyway.

If wages go up, so do business expenses. If owners must pay more for labor they must either reduce costs somewhere else (use lower quality goods) or raise their prices. Quickly all prices go up to compensate for the raised wages, so people have to work the same amount of time for the same purchasing power. But the good thing is that politicians get to feel good about themselves.

And that's all that's really important, right?

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Interesting:-) That's all.

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