Saturday, July 12, 2014

Don't know beans

Well, I don't.

My family never ate many beans growing up. My dad came from a dirt poor, abusive family and beans were a staple in their home. As an adult he won't hardly ever eat them (peanutbutter either). So I didn't have them much growing up.

Hubby's family wasn't into beans either.

So, after 28 years as a married woman, I have decided (with Hubby's blessing) to learn to cook beans. Oh, I've tried a couple of times before, kind of half heartedly. But now I need to do it for real.


  • Beans are an incredible source of protein, and if you add a grain product (which we do at each meal anyway) they form a complete protein (all the essential amino acids).
  • Beans are high in fiber, probably the number one nutrient missing from the American (and my family's) diet.
  • Beans keep for 2-3 years without refrigeration or canning so they are great for stocking up and emergency preparedness. You just need some 5-gallon buckets.
  • Beans are high in many, many of the vitamins found in other veggies.
and lastly
  • Beans are ridiculously cheap!
In fact, the only things wrong with beans are:
  • They take a long time to cook
  • The taste (really more the texture than taste).
Money is a bit tight and we would like like to take a vacation at the end of summer, so if I can replace, say, 1/5 of our meat with beans, it just might leave us enough to buy gas to get to somewhere.

We'll see.

Between money and allergies, I have begun to make as much as possible  from scratch. 

  • Laundry soap- check
  • yougurt- check
  • dish soap, not so much. I will try it with Fells Naphtha instead of Ivory as a base today and see what happens.
  • I think I am ready to try a homemade shampoo today.

And still talking about money,but otherwise a totally different subject...

I accidentally had a catalog party with my LillaRose business:-D How do you "accidentally" have a party? Well, three ladies at church mobbed me at the beginning of the month and told me they had money and things they wanted to order. Then one of them was telling some co-workers about her order and they wanted to see some catalogs. I dropped those off, and she took two new orders for me. So, well, it was an accidental party. I will actually make a small commission on this one:-)

And my book manufacturer has convinced me to offer all my books in more than just paperback and eBook formats. So coming soon...

Completely re-editted

First Things First: The Book of Genesis

In hardcover, paperback, value paperback and eBook formats!

(My other books will follow as soon as possible, but the homeschool book is in the middle of an updating, and due to some new resource on dating and biblical timelines I am re-editting the Bible commentaries.)

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