Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Recommendations for herbal learning.

The first place I really began to learn was from Shonda Parker's "Naturally Healthy..." books. Oh, I had read a few books before, but hers seemed to pull it all together for me. I did begin to use some of her recommendations. I also took the first level of her course.

My next (and probably most extensive) source was Bulk Herb Store (see affiliate link in the side bar. The link is new but I've dealt with BHS for years. Actually, I bought Shoshanna's Dad's book "To Train Up a Child" when my oldest was 4 (now 22) so, in a way, I've "watched" Soshanna grow up. Her catalog is an herb course in itself and her website ever more so. I buy a couple of the books they carry every year also (ABC herbal for children, The How to Herb Book...)

My new favorite is "Be Your Own Doctor" by Rachael Weaver. She uses more the herbs I do and the treatments I use.

I am currently working on pushing my herbal products a bit harder:
  • Brown (skin) salve for cut, scrapes, burns, infections, rashes, etc
  • Black (pulling) salve for punctures, bites, infections, stings, etc
  • an ointment for sore muscles and muscle/ligament injuries (still under development)
  • Body Powder (men and women versions)
  • Face scrub
  • Lip balm
  • Laundry soap
and I don't know what all. 

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