Monday, July 28, 2014

"My Body, My Choice" for Abortion, But Not for Those Who Want a Large Family |

"My Body, My Choice" for Abortion, But Not for Those Who Want a Large Family 

" the “it’s my body, my choice” slogan only seems to apply when a woman wants an abortion. When a woman chooses to have more children than average, in the eyes of those who made these hateful comments, she becomes a “repulsive freak” and should stop bearing children."

Obvious double standard. Our society is only tolerant of choices that are popular.

Here's a news flash:

Our bodies are designed to have babies. It is natural and healthy. Many women, if allowed to make their own decisions (instead of being pressured by society and by a husband who wants to buy man toys and retire early), want as many as God will grant them.

It is UNnatural to take cancerous medicines and have violent surgeries to keep from having babies...pretty much by definition of the word "unnatural." 

If we are going to say a woman has a right to limit the size of her family, we must say she has the right to set that "limit" as high as she wishes.

Anything else is hypocrisy and paving the path for slavery.

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