Friday, July 18, 2014

My Book Business

"Save 15% when you buy 15 or more standard or premium print books through July 21st with the code JBD14.

Here's the best part: The 15% off is on top of our regular volume discounts. So use this opportunity to stock up on your book at a great discount or fill your shelves with fresh new books to read."

Just in case, you know, you were wanting to buy 15 copies of one of my books:-)

And I just checked my emails and found this:
"It's a Friday Flash Sale! We all love Fridays and we thought we'd get the weekend off to a great start with a 13% off flash sale. Why 13%? We just love the number 13.

Through July 21, save 13% on all Standard and Premium books with code FLASHY13."

Happy Shopping!  

Lilla Rose hair accessories

These ahve really blessed my family! They are sturdy, don't all out of even our slippery hair, and are beautiful to boot! today's sale:

Consultants with Lilla Rose get a 30% discount on all items (with only a $30 per year minimum sales requirement. Seriously? Christmas alone will take care of that!), so if you want to buy the product anyway, it's a great deal:-) Just go to and sign up:-)

It is nearly vacation time and we find we haven't saved nearly enough money towards it, since the price of gas isn't coming down very fast. So Hubby challenged me to not buy any meat this week. Since he agreed he could go a week without his chicken, this is the menu for each meal:
(My week starts Friday afternoon because that is when I go shopping)
  • Pizza (dough is cheap to make, add cheese, olives, a can of pineapples, and 1 pound of sausage we already have in the freezer.)
  • hamburgers (already have the meat. Just need to pick up some buns- $1 a pack)
  • Breakfast bread (probably a muffin recepie in the bread machine. Add milk and a can of fruit)
  • Biscuits and whatever breakfast meat is in the freezer or eggs.
  • coffee cake (again, made in the bread machine overnight plus milk or eggs. Eggs are very cheap, especially when we already are feeding the hens).
  • Pancakes plus whatever meat we already have, milk or eggs.
  • Breakfast at grandma's for the kids. I'll have either eggs and toast or cereal.
  • corn dogs (already in the freezer)
  • Lunch at church (we bring the bread [pennies], and a desert [either a mix of some sort that we already have or pennies from scratch])
  • mac and cheese (we will have to buy the cheese, but we make the sauce from scratch)
  • hash (potatoes, eggs, cheese, veggies all fried together)
  • pizza (see above)
  • either salad (with boiled eggs and tuna from the cupboard) or eat at grandma's.
  • lunch with grandma and grandpa.
  •  Spaghetti (already have hamburger in the freezer, as well as all the other ingredients)
  • stew (mostly leftovers thrown into a pot and boiled)
  • nachoes (gotta buy the chips and cheese. Have everything else)
  • chicken pot pie (I have chicken cooked and deboned in the freezer, so not a big deal to assemble the rest)
  • ham and mushed taters (have a ham in the freezer)
  • salad or tacos (the menu says chef salad, but I am not usually in the mood for that by Wednesday night and usually change it at the last minute to tacos. the meat's in the freezer, so no big deal either way)
  • For Thursday, the kids are usually at my mom's so I'll fix Hubby and I whatever I can find in the freezer.
Be interesting to see how I do:-)

 Working on books

In my daily devotionals I am writing a commentary on exodus, which is requiering me to figure out the Egyptian timeline (which pharoah is which). Fascinating stuff! The fact is, we really don't know yet, but there is intreging evidence that the Exodus occured during the 18th dynasty

I am also beginning to convert all the books I have listed with our manufacturer (all 17 of them!) into more than 2 formats. Up until now your choices have been standard paperback or pdf. Now my great aunt's poetry book is available in hardback, standard paperback, value paperback, pdf and I am more than half done re-formatting it to be available on Kindle. This will take some time to accomplish, but I think it will be worth it:-)


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