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Scientist Fired for Discovering Something and Publishing What He Discovered

Scientist Fired for Discovering Something and Publishing What He Discovered

Yes, yes,  know. Secular scientist have come up with an excuse for soft tissue dinosaur discoveries. But...

Several hundred years ago all scientists help Aristotle and the be all and end all of scientific thought. To the point that challenging hm was the same thing as challenging the Bible (and thus subject to church censor).

 Aristotle said that the earth was obviously the center of the universe and all the planet rotated around it. Observation tole the scientists that there was something wrong though. The planents weren't where they belogned; they kept going backwards and then forwards agin.

So the scientific community came up with the idea that the planets ran circles while they orbited the earth (like putting a stick in the middle of a spring, they said the planets did loopy loops as they orbited). This worked for a while, but then the planets were in the wrong place again. So the scientists added a circle within the circle. In fact, after a few hundred years of observation, they had 7 circles inside of each other as each planet orbited the earth.

Then a couple of brave scientists reworked the entire theory. Thye put the sun at the center of the solar system and Viola! all the planents fell into perfect line. Their movements were now seen as elagantly simply.

Today, most scientsits don't believe in God and try with all their might and main to put man at the center of the universe. So they invent these complicated scenerios where, for example, fresh tissue can survive for millions of years (when simple science says it can't survive more than a few thousand) without being frozen or fossilized.

The Young Earth Creationist puts the Son and His plain-spoken Word at the center of the universe. This makes it quite simple: dinosaurs are found with fresh tissue simply because they only died a few thousand years ago (most likely in Noah's Flood). Simple and Elegant.

But of course Evolutionist (and sorry to say old earth Christians) simply can't tolerate anyone not believing their religion. They can't stand being challenged. It is much easier to berate someone with a different idea than it is to listen to them and consider that you might be wrong.


  1. You do know that geocentric teaching was considered Biblical correct? That the geocentrists used the Bible to give reason why the Earth was the center of the universe. This website gives you Biblical reasoning that the Earth is the center of the universe. Why do I bring this up? Because the Bible can be used to justify anything. The men who first reported Heliocentrism were tried as heretics in the church... yet they were right.

    I have never met a young earth creationist in person, but I hear about them all the time. I am struggling with how you honestly think the Earth is 6k years old (give or take a thousand years). How do you explain fossil layers? How do you explain carbon dating? What would dinosaurs have eaten in order to be able to live amongst humans? Do you have an answer for the different species within the human chain? Such as Neanderthal man or Homo Erectus? I am not trying to be snarky or anything, I am honestly curious how young earth creationism works. How can you honestly believe that the Earth is stagnant for 6,000 years?

  2. Thank you both for your comments:-)

    Augustine in the second century AD wrote pieces correlating Aristotle's writings with the Bible, to the point he made Aristotle look like a Christian (which he very much wasn't). After that the church accepted Aristotle's writing as cannon, which they aren't. They are the musings of a very much human, not the inspired writings of God given to human "secretaries." Yes, some scientists used the Bible to back up Aristotle, starting with Augustine, but the opposition to the heliocentric ideas was really based in the acceptance of Aristotle as infallible.

    Yes, Galileo et al were excommunicated, punishment being they were placed under house arrest. They were not executed as some believe. But it was due the mistaken influence of Aristotle and Augustine on Biblical interpretation. The official church misinterpreted the Bible because of the influence of the prominent scientists of the day.

    Fossil layers are the poor creatures that didn't make the cut for the Ark. Did you know that fossilized animals are found in the position of animals that drown? And the quick burial in mud that the Flood would have caused is ideal for promoting fossilization.

    I have written an article on my church's website explaining the carbon dating. It is at Suffice it to say, carbon dating is no longer used because it has been found to be too unreliable. In fact, scientists are constantly changing their dating methods because they are constantly being proven wrong (such as living animals being dated as dead for thousands or even millions of years, two sides of the same animal being dated as having died a million years apart).

    Most dinos were plant eaters. As for the meat eaters, they "lived among humans" the same way lions, tigers and bears (oh my) do today (except most were smaller than sheep) and have throughout human history. Read some of the dragon "legends" out there. In fact, the description of the beast in Beowulf bears a striking resemblance to a T-Rex. The evolutionist says dragons are mythical and dinos died out millions of years ago. The Creationist says they are the same thing (dragons sometimes exaggerated in the stories much the way horses are to create unicorns and Pegasus) just with different names. The proof of the co-habitation of dinos with people is the very dragon legends the evolutionists say can't be true because we "know" dinos died out too long ago. And how do they prove they died out? Because there is no evidence of them living with humans. Circular reasoning at its worst. (plus add in cave paintings of dinos and some more modern eyewitness accounts as further proof of co-existence).

    Neanderthal has been genetically proven to be modern man with a bad case of rickets. Homo Erectus is also no different than we are:

  3. (Google doesn't like my long windedness:-))

    Earth stagnant? Its the Evolutionists that believe the earth has been stagnant for millions of years; that nothing notable has changed so we can tell what happened in the past by what is happening today. Young Earthers believe God created this planet very different than we see it today. It had a water canopy ("Waters above the firmament" Genesis 1) that kept the entire planet between 70-80 degrees (actually we still have a water canopy. It's just very small and now in the form of vapor). There would have been way less harmful solar radiation, a much higher oxygen content and a lot more plants. The Flood (caused itself by the collapse of the water canopy) drastically changed the entire planet, causing our biggest (youngest according to geologists) mountains and canyons and parts of the ocean floor. It formed our current continents and ocean shapes, and drastically changed the climate. A great deal more radiation is entering the atmosphere (causing a drastic shortening of life and acceleration of aging).

    I also wrote articles on this subject at
    and under the label "truth" here on this blog. There are many more articles at written by scientists (who know a great deal more than I do. Please do the research and learn why so many of us are seeing the truth of the Biblical Creation account. You will then be in a better place to decide for yourself what is the Truth.


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