Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Homosexual desires are sin... | BaylyBlog

Homosexual desires are sin... | BaylyBlog

The Bible puts homosexuality alongside of incest, adultery, infant sacrifice, bestiality, lying, murder, and theft.

If a person came to our pastor admitting to being attracted by animals, our pastor would be in the right to tell him, first, quit the physical act, and second repent of the desires and work on removing them.

That's righteousness.

Homosexuality, by context of association in the Bible, is a sin and should be dealt with like any other sin.

Sex is for one human with XX and one human with XY chromosomes who are adults farther in blood-relation than cousins, in a conventional relationships (marriage) with each other but not anyone else.

Our society has accepted the idea that it is dangerous to not have sex (brings on insanity, you see) and so to tell anyone they can't "have" anything they desire is unfair.

The fact is we already tell people who are attracted to animals, little kids, siblings, and cousins that they are disgusting and will not be accommodated in our culture. This is where the homosexual should be also.

We are not being loving by telling someone their sin is ok, and acting like it is normal.

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