Saturday, June 06, 2015

Viewpoint: How life in a caravan set us free - BBC News

Viewpoint: How life in a caravan set us free - BBC News

"Well, we believe that the real measure of modern success is nothing to
do with your bank balance or the size of your house, but instead, the
amount of free time you have at your disposal. We think disposable time,
as a resource to strive for and spend, counts for much more than
disposable income."

I love this.

Everyone gets 24 hours in their day, no matter their age, income, social status, race, etc.

How do you use that time?

In the past, if we didn't work every minute possible we starved. So throughout history humans have always worked every minute possible.

But that isn't true here in modern America.

Now we work every possible minute not to survive, but to accumulate more STUFF.

All the while, our children grow up without us. Our parents grow old alone. Our own lives trickle away. And for what? So we can have a bigger house than any of our ancestors ever had? Why? What good is it to work 50 hours a week to support a house no one is actually using because we are all working 50 hours a week?

The choice to work fewer hours, maybe in less prosperous but more fulfilling (fun, even?) jobs is simply logical.

And the thought occurs to me, what are these mobile-living people doing for church? Many express a belief in God in their posts I've been reading, but a "normal" church simply wouldn't understand them (too materialistic? ouch).

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