Monday, June 15, 2015

Mom and the chickens.

It was nice to see our long-time friend at church yesterday. He surprised us with a visit:-)

For those checking in on Mom, she hasn't been doing too well lately. My family had the flu and she caught it. That combined with the chemo has made her very sick. She has missed the last two church services. Very unusual for her.

Listing our chickens on Craigslist. We have coyotes in the area (they've already run off with two hens; we saw them take them but couldn't do anything about it). We want to reduce any attraction to our property for them we can. Plus that coop has had chickens in it for several straight years, and a break would allow any germs to die. They're not laying too well, either, making the eggs cost way too much. So I've offered them for sale. If no one wants them, we'll call a friend who butchers (but hates doing chickens :-(   ) to off them. We don't' want to do it here because of the coyotes.

This will have the result of more simplifying. One less category to take care of. Don't know why this feels right all of a sudden, but it does. Is God prepping us for something?

Workign on my commentary of Revelation. I've got everything up to chapter 20. Then, blahhhh. It just doesn't fit. Nothing, no theory of interpretation, does. :-(

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