Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Modesty | Femina

Modesty | Femina

I agree with the author's opinion of most modesty discussions. She brings out a very valid point, though.

Mayber God commanded women to dress modestly ("not in exteme" by definition) in order to keep her from sinning in her heart. To put it another way, when a women dresses by not really dressing, striving to look as sexual as possible, her heart is trying to take her beauty from her looks and sexuality. The Bible clearly says our beauty should be from a "meek and quiet spirit, not hair styles and jewelry." (Betty Sue translation:-D).

If this standard- taking our beauty from our looks- is what God was actually talking about, than those who so religiously hold to the fashions of the 1910's are just as much in sin as the woman who walks down the street practically undressed.

(Just a disclosure, I almost always wear skirts and haven't done more than a 1" trim on my hair in years. Hubby has asked me to do both wear skirts and keep my hair long, so to honor and obey him, I do. It is totally in obedience to God's command for how I am to treat my Hubby.)

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