Tuesday, August 05, 2014

A Christian response to transgender individuals... | BaylyBlog

A Christian response to transgender individuals... | BaylyBlog


  1. I've noticed that there are two reactions to someone who "comes out" as transgender. 1) "Isn't that wonderful! How brave!" 2) "The Bible says [fill in the blank]."
    I can't go with either. My heart breaks for the person who believes he/she can "find him/herself" by changing genders. It's playing "let's pretend." He/she can pump full of hormones. Have surgery (one way only.) But your God-given DNA never changes, and it's always going to say who you really are.

    1. They are denying their true self, that's for sure. How very sad.

      I think part of the problem mentioned in this article is that our culture has redefined the word "loved" to mean "approved of."

      If my neighbor has been told that he will be healthy if he takes 1 tablespoon of rat poison a day, our culture would tell him "That is your lifestyle choice and I have no right to 'judge' you." The truly loving response would be along the lines of "That is dangerous and WILL kill you!" True love might even require wrestling that person to the ground and taking the poison from his hand by force."

      We are not helping, and certainly not loving, anyone by allowing them to live a life that God has labeled sin worthy of hell. To make someone feel approved of instead of doing all in our power to help them is the height of hatred and cruelty.

      These people need some serious counseling and most of all they need Jesus. They are searching for fulfillment and will only find it in God.


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