Monday, August 04, 2014

How to Separate School and State

It is common for posters to go all over facebook on a regular basis blasting anyone who needs foodstamps. This makes me MAD. Most of those posting those things have their children and grandchildren in government school. They are ten times the sponge that the foodstamps family is (talking about sheer dollars per person). Hypocrites is what they really are:

"I'm getting my goodies and you can just go hungry!"

How to Separate School and State: A Primer : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education:

You don't like what happens in government schools? GET YOUR KIDS OUT! 

Any healthy American couple can find a way to do it. And every church in America should be helping those parents that don't qualify as "healthy" or "couple." 

And with a computer in every pocket that has access to more information than all the teachers in any government school put together, there is no longer a need to educate our children the way the Greeks did 3000 years ago.
"Why do Christian parents send their children to government schools that noisily promise to undermine everything they hold dear?...

As an institution, government monopoly schooling, like Communism, has no human face. It is by definition coercive, corrosive, and usurpative. Our goal is not a sensitive and flexible tyranny, but an arrangement for learning that is entirely voluntary, with full authority restored to families, which in turn educate their children not in servility and fear, but in honorable obedience to duty and love....

A rule of thumb is that if something can be reformed, it’s probably controlled by the government. A business may retool, restructure, and even revamp, but it only reforms when so commanded by government. The whole notion of education reform should be rethought—and rejected....

Irving Kristol’s first law of educational reform: Any reform that is acceptable to the educational establishment, and that can gain a majority in a legislature, federal or state, is bound to be worse than nothing....

If government had taken over the family’s duty to feed their children, and zoned kids into neighborhood feeding stations for all their meals, we wouldn’t argue that families had in fact retained the duty to feed their children, by pointing out that they still paid their taxes."

Read the whole article. It has some good ideas and encouraging statistics.

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