Monday, August 11, 2014

Shooting the Wounded

Why, o why, to conservative shoot the wounded?

I regularly see posts on facebook and in blogs that sneer at foodstamp, et al, recipients. Nearly daily. And they cheer drug-tests-for welfare and workfare programs.

Because of our ministry I have known many people over my life who have taken foodstamps. Yes, some are having hard times because of bad descesions thay have made in the past. But you can't unscramble the egg. What are these people supposed to do now? Put the illegitamate kids back? Go back and not drop out of college 20 years ago? 

We all make mistakes, conservative friends. "But for the grace of God, there go I."

Some are on aid through not fault of their own. They simply have had bad luck or the supposed recover hasn't appeared in their neighborhood yet.

Nearly everyone I knwo who has had to take government help would have (and did) drop that help the minute the could. The entire system is degrading and humiliating. Very few would stay on it who honestly felt they had an option. And statistics show that the majority on aid have jobs. They are working people, not couch potatoes.

What, conservative friend, would you say to the woman who has been out of work for a year and a half, applying everywhere possible in every industry she could possibly physically do, but still unable to find regular work? The (real) friend I am thinking of now pulls weeds in other peoples gardens and does work on the computer just to pay her rent. You her lazy?  Saying, what, she shouldn't be allowed to eat because her industry shut down?

Two other families I know, he works overtime every week. She scrimps and saves every penny possible while taking care of their pre-school aged kids (daycare costs more than she could make in either case). They still find that without FS they would have to choose between rent and food.

It's not these people's fault that there are no jobs. It's not these people's faults that the companies they do work for are having their taxes raised so fast they have nothing left for raises.

These are the victems of our economy; of our socialist, anti job way of government. They are NOT the cause of your high taxes.

GM is.
Farmers taking money to not grow crops are.
Drug companies that get laws passed so they can't be sued but everyone is required to take their product are.
Greedy politicians are.
Corporate Cronyism is.

Not the mom and dad who are just trying to keep body and soul together any way they can.

Conservatives, if you want the poor to quit voting for the dems, if you want the poor to back you, QUIT BLAMING THEM FOR THE MESS WE ARE IN!!!

Start holding the ones responsible, the politicians and their crony supporters, fat cat business men that would rather bribe an official than compete in a  fair market place, RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR MESS!



Trust me. If you fix the real problems with this country so that there ARE jobs for the poor, they will take themselves off the dole. They will let go of your pocket.

The only reason they are holding it now...

 is to keep from falling into the abyss!

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