Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cleaning problems

I have several issues with cleaning that really cause some problems:

1) Allergies. Hubby has several allergies, including something that randomly causes him to break out in hives for no apparent reason. This means I have always had to be careful what I used in the house. We have only ever used Ivory bath soap (and the occasional homemade/artisian soaps which don't seem to affect him). I have never been able to use fabric softener (plain vinegar works fine).

Then a decade and a half ago I began to to have asthma attacks. The biggest cause was an onion allergy, but I am also allergic to the dust mites we used to have in our basement and certain cleaning products. Moving took care of the basement problem (that isn't why we moved. Getting rid of those types of dust mites was just a nice side affect).

And I now have to very careful which cleaners I use, especially in the bathroom.

Then my daughters began randomly breaking out in hives. My second youngest, especially would get these horrible hives that dried out her skin, making it crack and bleed.

Now, my oldest kids have complained about various dish soaps causing them to break out so it shouldn't have surprised me when God pointed out that my hivyest kid always broke out on the days she washed dishes.


We immediatly switched to hypo-alergenic dishsoap and I began to make my own laundry soap. The laundry soap is doing great and I'm trying to make my own dishsoap too, but it isn't working well:-(

Anyway, I am looking for a bathroom cleaner that will clean AND let me breathe! How about plain ole white vinegar?

What do you think?

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