Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I have seen many challenges to post what you are thankful for. So, though I haven't received any personally, I thought I would chime in:
I have great parents.
I have a wonderful Hubby who I know truly loves me.
Hubby has a job when many in his industry dont right now.
I have great kids.
I have not had to sleep in a hospital in nearly a year.
I have a house that (usually) doesn't leak in the rain.
I have a wonderful skylight in my kitchen (that only leaks if it rains...hard...for several days in a row. I understand that is perfectly normal, though a bit annoying at times:-)
I have a wonderful view of our valley from my rocking chair.
I have a rocking chair:-)
I have running water, heat, cooling, plenty of food, clothes and "junk." (most in the world don't)
I have a car that runs and is big enough to hold my whole family.
I have a nice dog.
I have a nice cat.
I have a geko, finches, beta fish, 15 rabbits (trying to get some of those moved to the freezer) and 22 chickens.
I have land. Might be rocks held together with clay and sagebrush, but it's mine:-)
I don't have to be afraid of being beheaded for going to Bible study tonight.
I don't have to worry about going to jail because my kids won't be getting on the yellow bus in a couple of weeks.
I have been blessed with the chance to teach my own kids.
I have a baby, green tomato (first in a couple of years)

I will live in Heaven some day because Jesus loved me enough to pay my way there.

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