Friday, August 08, 2014

Somtimes I'm a little stupid.... and slow

I was thinking about how to keep my house cleaner the other day and a line from the Messie's Manuel popped into my head.
"I asked my cleany friends how they did it.... she only spends an hour a day cleaning....she only spends two hours a day cleaning..."
How stupid can I be? I've been reading these books for more than 30 years!

They devote 1-2 hours per day to keeping their houses up to standard. They actually maintenance-clean everyday for an hour or two.
Since then (about two weeks ago) I've been cleaning each room in the house everyday. I began with just the three main ones (again, no more than an hour or two) and added a bit everyday, cleaned each room a bit deeper everyday, never spending more than 2 hours in the morning (with a quick pick up before Hubby gets home). It has made a tremendous difference! My carpet feels cleaner, there's no longer crumbs under the furniture, everything is neat and pleasant, even the kids rooms.
It takes me two hours to wipe down both bathrooms (not tubs or shower, just counter, sink, mirror, toilet and vacuum or sweep the floor), neaten and vacuum the living and computer rooms, kids rooms, and dining room, kitchen and laundry room. I don't sweep the last three since that is children chores, but I do restore order, neaten, water plants and do the laundry.
I feel kind of stupid for not getting it before, but it works.

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