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The climate and minimum incomes.

Articles: Climate Bullies, the Surrealists of Science
Seems to me, we have had "global warming" since the end of the Ice Age- by definition.

Actually, we have had more than a decade now of falling average temperature. Honestly, I don't think we could change the climate if we wanted to. God put the mechanisms in place to control such things (mostly the sun's activity) and we don't have control of it at all.

This is just another case of humans trying to believe they are the most powerful force in the universe.

World's Smallest Political Quiz
World's Smallest Political Quiz
I got 190/200 for Libertarian. How do you do?

There is the argument that since our current wealth distribution was achieved in part through unethical means, the gov should guarentee each citizen a minimum annual income. Here are some interesting articles discussing this idea, though, I must ask "how coud we possibly trust those in public office to yeild to greed while doing this? (no one else has resisted) and is it really moral to punish those who DID get their wealth through honest means by this redistribution method?"

The fact is ALL humans are greedy and I trust God to take care of punishing a supplying much more than I trust any human being.

 ▶ Milton Friedman - The Negative Income Tax - YouTube
The Libertarian Case for a Basic Income |
USBIG: What is BIG?

Israel has evidently lowered it's tax allowance for children.

"Another point is that this new policy makes a statement which, at least to me, is quite plain: We used to give you money to help you raise your children, but now we no longer trust you to make good use of that money. We will therefore take it away and instead give you what WE think your child needs. "

This is what all special deductions and tax programs, all government programs, really, says: We elitists in the government know better than you what you need.

For the rest of Anna in Israel's opinion go to

The fact is that the minimum wage hurts the poorest in the land. I ask you, If you must pay the college grad the same as the high school drop out for an entry level job, which will you hire? But what if you could legally offer that dropout a couple of dollars less per hour? Now wouldn't you at least consider him?

Historically, those who fought the hardest for the minimum wage were the racists.
 Immigration, Eugenics, and the Minimum Wage | Bleeding Heart Libertarians

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