Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When will we walk the talk about breastfeeding?


This talks about general politness as well as supporting breastfeeding.

Though I am a rabid supporter of breastfeeding, I try to be careful not to have a negative attitude to strangers I meet who bottle feed. I had to bottle feed my oldest. She/we had problems and I had no where to go to for help. No internet, no books that dealt with more than just plain, normal nursing, the only family member experienced in nursing was my grandma who died when my oldest was four weeks old. Now, I would just Google it.

There are times when bottle is necessary.

But we need to realize that breast is best and bottle is just a man made substitue. It is better than any other alternatives, but it is still second best. We need to support the God-made choice any time and way we can.

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