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6 Reasons Why I Do Not Trust The Mainstream Health Authorities

6 Reasons Why I Do Not Trust The Mainstream Health Authorities
 I couldn't agree more. The more I research, the more I distrust the "Mainstream" no matter the subject. Every area of our lives has been affected (read that: controlled) by big business and the politicians in their pockets. Our economy has not been "capitalist" in decades. It is "crony-est."

This means all the news about anything health and medicine related has been tainted by money from the time of JD Rockfeller. Mr JDR wanted to corner the medicine market. Since he couldn't really compete on equal grounds with backyard meds (herbs) he set about to discredit them. It worked, too, not by using science as we would like to believe but by using propaganda.

Now, we have made great strides in many areas, especially in emergency medicine. I thank the Lord for this!

But all this information must be filtered through God's Word first (Jesus called eggs "a good gift" for example, and after years of calling eggs evil, the Mainstream is now changing it's mind to agree with Him.), then with history and logic and true scientific studies. Difficult, but necessary.

16 Things Not to Say to a Mom Planning a Home Birth | The Stir
4 hospital birth and 5 homebirths here. Much prefer home. Trust us, though, we've done our research and aren't putting our babies at risk. This is another area where profits for hospitals and protection for doctors from law suits has skewed what we "know." Answers to statements:
  1. I would never do that -- it's too unsafe. No, homebirth is not unsafe. Some studies say it's safer.
  2. Are you going to eat the placenta? No, and few mom's do (though in emergencies placentas are high in the hormones that stop bleeding so it is handy, but, uhhh, yuck.)
  3. If I'd have had a home birth my baby would have died because I had to have an emergency C-section. Most "emergency c-sections" are CAUSED by being in the hospital, so odds are that not only would your baby not have died at a homebirth but you would not have had to go through major surgery.
  4. Aren't you scared? Yes, but that was the same at the hospital as at home. In fact, my experience is that hospitals and doctors are so full of fear it's worse there.
  5. Ewww. I wouldn't want to clean up that mess. That is part of the midwives job:-)
  6. Does your midwife carry malpractice insurance? Unfortunatly, no. No insurance companies in this country will take them due to the bad publicity and propaganda from the AMA.
  7. What are you trying to prove? Nothing. Just trying to get a healthy baby.
  8. There was absolutely no warning that there was anything wrong with my son until after he was born. And your point is....?
  9. Are you going to home-school too? Actually, I homeschooled first.
  10. What do you have against hospitals? Nothing for sick people. Childbirth is not an illness.
  11. Does your [mom/husband/sister] know about this? Yep.
  12. What if you need drugs?! Women have birthed for thousands of years without drugs. I see no reason for for modern women to be different. And in my hospital births, the drugs didn't help. God provided for women in our hormone system just fine. We don't really need all that expensive interventions.
  13. I know a friend of a friend of a friend who had a home birth and her baby died. Sometimes babies do die at home. Sometimes they die in the hospital too. In fact, some studies say they are less likely to die at home.
  14. I wouldn't risk my baby's life by having a home birth. I wouldn't risk my baby's life by going to the hospital unless there was a VERY good reason or serious complication.
  15. I'm willing to pay for a hospital birth -- I don't care how much it costs. Insurance would have covered a hospital birth for our last 5 babies. We paid for the midwife out of pocket.
  16. How could you live with yourself if your baby died? I'll ask you the same thing.

Doctors Give Baby Zero Chance at Survival, He Gives Parents a Christmas Miracle | LifeNews.com

Doctors said this child would never live and should just be aborted. "Why put yourself through a pregnancy for nothing?"

The parents let their child live. The start was rough, but today he is a delightful 6yo child. Yes, he has Downs, but you know what? None of us is perfect. Imperfection shouldn't be a death sentence.

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