Friday, January 03, 2014

A gay man’s take on Phil Robertson and the A&E controversy | Solus Christus

A gay man’s take on Phil Robertson and the A&E controversy | Solus Christus
This man has it right on. Tolerance means tolerance for everyone, even if you disagree with them.

  (Announced today is the fact that A&E has backed down and reinstated Phil and DD)
Articles: Reality Bites Gays
No one really wants to discuss the realities of the gay lifestyle. We just all pretend that they don't do anything differently than the rest of us, though they simply don't have the correct equipment to do so. Then when someone points out the differences and the fact that the "gay life" is, in fact, far more violent and shorter, everyone goes ballistic.

If you want me to accept you as you are at least be honest about what you are. Don't make up a fairytale and then expect me to buy it.
But seriously, why is polygamy still illegal? | The Matt Walsh Blog
Good question.

Try this:
Explain why polygamy is wrong without making homosexuality sound wrong too.

When our country kicked God out we got rid of all the reasons for marriage. What is left is of ten nothing more than a joke. That's where Christians lost this battle; when we accepted the world's ideas about what the point of marriage is and the (lack of) differences between men and women.

If we want to reclaim our culture (and this is the foundation of all cultures) we must restore the biblical view of marriage and sex.


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