Monday, January 27, 2014

The Truth About Women That Feminists Don’t Want You to Know

LAF/Beautiful Womanhood » The Truth About Women That Feminists Don’t Want You to Know
The true history of the power of women. It's not what you think.

I open doors for women because I adore the feminine genius | The Leading Edge
 If a man opens a door for me I take it in the spirit it is intended: a sign of respect.

Honestly, feminists, a man holds the door for the president of the US and that is respect but he does so for a woman and it is sexism? You are hurting your own cause here.

Book on 'submissive wives' becomes hit in Spain - Telegraph
This book simply discusses what the Bible teaches about submission. The Spainish government is being pressured into banning it.

Men were given by God two instincts:
  • Win the competition
  • Protect the weak
 The competition can be against the weather in farming, the animal he is hunting, the enemy he is fighting or the woman who is trying to bully him. Same instinctive response.

The "weak" are the physically weaker (women, children, handicapped, elderly).

A woman who quits competing with her man and submits to him will find him becoming her biggest champion and promoter. How else would he protect her?

 Are Men Irrational For Opting Out Of Education, Careers And Families?
Nope. What do they have to gain from them?
Used to be they got a woman who was "theirs," including sex, children that they could raise and be proud of, and a home and possessions they could value and build up.

Due to the attitude of our culture men can get sex anytime they want, never have the right to claim pride in wife or kids, and can lose it all if wifey decided the grass is greener elsewhere (most divorces are initiated by the woman).

Why should he work that hard?

Daughters and Sex | National Review Online
Feminism's sexual "freedom" is really a belief that all men are sleeping around all the time and so all women should do the same.

How insulting to the majority of men!

Most men have always wanted one woman who was his. They don't sleep around at all.

But feminism has convinced women to behave like the worst cads of our world. How sad.

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