Thursday, January 23, 2014

Encourage marriage

(Please remember my son and his doctor in your prayers today. He is having surgery on his hand at noon)

'Encourage marriage for sake of children' says judge Sir Paul Coleridge to Duncan Smith | Mail Online

Children are our future, so whatever is best for them is best for us.

I wonder, though how much difference the government can really make. Oh, I have know a few people who wouldn't get married because of the financial hardships it would cause (mostly elderly people who would have less ss)

But the truth is our country has no idea what marriage is for, why it even exists.

Marriage is not for fulfillment, compaionship or any of the other reasons you hear out there. Those are the benefits, not the reasons.

Marriage is for:
  1. Raising godly children 
  2. Mirroring God's relationship with the church.
When we keep these in mind, our marriages last. After all, the point never was to have great sex. Great sex was our reward for sticking out a relationship with a fallible human being in order to fulfill God's purpose.

If marrage was for the purpose of great sex than:
  1. The gays are right
  2. The polygamists are right
  3. Heck, the beastialitists (is that a word?) are right
  4. and anyone who isn't sexually happy has every right to chuck it all no matter what damage it does to the kids.
  5. In fact, kids just become inconvenient accidents instead of the point.
But that isn't God's design. His design is that it takes a daddy and a mommy working towards the common goal of pleasing God to raise healthy kids (and due to the laws of the universe that God wrote, if a couple raises kids in the way that pleases Him they will receive the benefits even if they don't believe He exists).

Marriage is much more important than entertainment. It is worth every minute of working on and everything we can do to support it and make it easier for couple to keep together.

(though I am very glad God rewards us with that great sex thing for our hard work:-)

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