Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Science and Big Pharm

NEJM editor: “No longer possible to believe much of clinical research published” | The Ethical Nag

If you want the truth, follow the money- always.

Our meds are prescribed by doctors (who attended schools largely funded by Big Pharm), and approved by the FDA (which is staffed by doctors with the above education and who often hold stock in Big Pharm or otherwise have interest in their financial well being), and funded by research fees from Big Pharm.

This is crony-ism at its worst. This is NOT capitalism. A truly capitalist system would force Big Pharm to publish their works and allow us to decide if we want a med or not. The gov's only role should be the enforcement of justice (i.e. life for life).

Study Confirms Link Between Autism and Use of Cells From Abortions in Vaccines
Guess I might be wrong. It's not the mercury causing the autism (though I still think it unwise to give a baby the RDA "safe" amount of mercury for a 400 pound man!)

I think I would prefer the mercury:P

Help, doc, I’m bored by boring things. I think I’ve got the ADHD! | The Matt Walsh Blog

So, do mental disorders exist? Sure. Absolutely. Of course. But if half of us have one, then I guess you can’t really call them disorders, can you? If the CDC and Big Pharma are to be believed — “mental disorders” are very much a part of the normal order of things.

The only thing worse than trying to control WHAT people think, is trying to control HOW they think. In this country, we do both. And then we have the nerve to claim we value “diversity” and “freedom.” We do everything in our power to eradicate diversity of thought and freedom of thought, even resorting to fabricating mental disorders to give us an excuse to commit a psychological genocide of entire personality types.

There’s no question that some people — myself included — think and behave in a certain way; a way that currently falls under the “ADHD” umbrella. The question is this: are these people “disordered”? Do they need medicine? Is there something WRONG with how they are?

Or should we help them explore and harness their different, complicated, wonderful minds? In the end, this is more of a philosophical question than a medical one. I know my answer. I encourage you to come up with your own.

NaturalNews exclusive: International Medical Council on Vaccination refutes vaccine propaganda with myth-busting report
Big Pharm's biggest money maker is vaccines. They have every incentive in the world to lie and talk the gov into using force to make people use their product.

Studies have shown that the MORE educated and the RICHER the parents the LESS likely they will vaccinate. This should tell us something.

Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts
One of the original anti-vac doctors. This blogger lied about him. He took him to court for libel and won.

Gardasil researcher drops a bomb:
"This vaccine hasn't been tested on young girls and won't have any affect on cancer rates."

Also, more women will be permanently damaged from the vaccine than would contract cervical cancer!

Do research for yourself and look at all the evidence. Compare studies with history with God's Word with God's design.

We can't depend on Big Brother or any experts to take care of us, or even tell us the truth. We have to research for ourselves.

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