Friday, January 31, 2014

I am a racist | The Matt Walsh Blog

Ok, have I mentioned I like this guy's blog?
I am a racist | The Matt Walsh Blog
I didn't vote for Clinton (one of the few people on the planet with lighter skin than I have). I didn't vote for Gore. I didn't vote fore Mondale, Kerry, or any of the other "also rans." Yet somehow, any disapproval of BO is entirely because of skin color.

Uhh, no. I am not a socialist and I don't give a hoot if the person is green with purple polka-dots, I won't vote for a socialist. Period.

Articles: Is Opposition to Obama Racist?
Actually the whole assumption that opposition to BO is racist is based on the belief that we are all too stupid to see beyond skin color to a persons policies, beliiefs, and character.

And notice how it's always the Dem's who bring up race? I can't remember ever hearing a Rep start that discussion. It's almost like the only ones who care about race enough to notice are the Dems.Hmmmm.....

Exposing racist violence in America
The mainstream media doesn't talk about it but there is an upswing in black-on-both black and white violence. Is it racist to point this out? Is it really racist to arrest more blacks simply because they behave in more violent, anti-social behavior?

 No, it's not racist. a Truly color-blind society would arrest whoever does the crime with no regard or notice of the persons color.  We would expect everyone to be able to hold to a civilized standard of behavior. Instead, we don't really seem to think people with darker skin have the ability to control themselves and must be cut some slack because it's not their fault.

Why is that opinion not racist?

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