Thursday, January 30, 2014

'Encourage marriage for sake of children'

'Encourage marriage for sake of children' says judge Sir Paul Coleridge to Duncan Smith | Mail Online

The fact is that, political correctness aside, studies all say that a God-designed marriage (one adult man and one adult woman) is the best format for children. Kids from this type of family just simply grow up more mentally stable, secure, self-confident, smarter, healthier, and are far less likely to get involved in drugs, sex, alcohol and gangs.

This is just the truth.

So if we as a society really care about kids we will do all we can to encourage couples to get married BEFORE baby is born and to stay together once they are married.

Our current way of doing things puts the "interests" of adults way ahead of the interests of children.

Some call for bigger tax breaks and other ways to reduce financial pressures on young couples because these pressures are certainly a major contributing factor in most breakups. I certainly think this would help (though if the government weren't doing unconstitutional things they wouldn't need the unconstitutional money of income taxes in the first place.)

I also think we need to acknowledge that marriage is not for the adult's enjoyment but for the raising of tomorrow's citizens. This puts a whole different slant on many of our "marriage" issues.

We as a culture need to quit our naval gazing and start making decisions based on what is best for the weakest among us, not the strongest.

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