Friday, January 17, 2014

Things I want to say on FB but won't.

Why are you celebrating school starting? Don't you like your kids?

School is starting? Why are you still limiting education to the time frame most convenient for farmers 100 years ago?

You are praising the states that require drug tests to get welfare. Does that include Educational welfare (public school)? It doesn't? Why not? What's the difference?

Why does it offend you to help people eat but it doesn't offend you to pay to indoctrinate them into a socialist ("under state control"), atheist (a=without, theist=God) mind set?

So what are you doing with the money you should be spending on a godly education for your child? Drugs? Liquor? Cable TV? Bigger house?

You won't even look at the information on homebirth because you are more concerned with safety than the experience? Uhhh, yeah. And I carry a baby for nine months, go through morning sickness, leg cramps, hurting tendons, and exhaustion because I just want the experience of a homebirth. I'm not interested in getting a healthy baby at all. :-P

Of course we all know that all women died in child birth before hospitals were invented.

Why do I have to deprive my children of things in order to pay for your (senior citizen) doctor and retirement when  you very likely have a higher income and/or have your house paid off?

No, social Security has not been robbed. It has always functioned on the assumption that the increasing population would keep it solvent. Too bad our population is starting to drop.

Hello! God wasn't invented to take care of you! You were invented to worship God! (Oooo, I like that one! I might post it after all:-D)

No, You aren't so wonderful Jesus thought you worth dieing for. You (and I) are so EVIL we DESERVE TO GO TO HELL! That is why it is so neat Jesus loved us so much to die for us anyway!

Maybe God DIDN'T put that person into your life to bless you or help you. Maybe He did it to HELP THEM!

 Naval Gazing is not an Olympic Sport. You can quit practicing now.

If you follow your heart, it will lead you straight to hell (and I can give you scripture for that one!)

Trust my heart? No thank you. I don't follow wishy-washy, evil, selfish people. I'll trust Jesus and His Word.

You have decided to not bring anymore eternal souls into the world to worship your God? Really?

You are going to take the pill or get "fixed?" Is that what God told you to do when you asked Him? "since I am not capable of stopping your womb from producing, you had better find a human to help you do that."???

Daycare- because we all know it's more important for a mature, competent adult to be "fulfilled" than for a helpless baby to be held, fed, cuddled, and changed whenever he needs it.

Thank you for tuning in to today's rant. We now return you to your normal programing.

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