Monday, December 16, 2013


If you are against people taking food stamps, HUD, AFDC (welfare), etc, what have you done to help those who find themselves with little or no other choice to survive?

Especially as the economy worsens (which it will now) there will be more and more hard working families facing the choice between food stamps or starvation or homelessness. What are you, especially the Church who is called to help

the poor, doing to help them?

Part of the reason for the results in our recent elections is that the Church as a whole has lost the compassion for the poor that Jesus commanded us to have.

If the only one who is offering solutions is the government, you can't complain when those with problems look to the government for answers.

We, the Church, need to step up to the plate and care for the poor and hurting. We also need to stand up against the laws and rules that keep businesses from creating the jobs necessary to allow people to care for themselves.

The Bible teaches strong personal property rights and if we allow the government to rob the job creators of their property we are who is at fault for all those who must humble themselves by excepting government charity.

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