Monday, December 23, 2013

Creationism's Proofs

Human-like Fossil Menagerie Stuns Scientists
 Seems a whole bunch of human skulls were obviously buried at the same time or close to it, that "evolved" thousands or millions of years apart. Impossible under the theory of evolution. Perfectly expected under Young Earth Creation, which believes that all humans are descended from Adam and Eve and encompass many different types of people now extinct (i.e. Neanderthal) who are no less human than we are today.

Why Does Nearly Every Culture Have a Tradition of a Global Flood?
Because all cultures are descendents of Noah, of course.

Dinosaur Soft Tissue Preserved by Blood?
 You know, the evolutionists keep trying and trying to come up with a way to save their fairy tale errr, theory but they just can't find a reasonable explanation for why we are finding blood (NOT fossilized blood cells, but the fresh stuff) in UNfossilized T-Rex bones. Nice try but no dice.

Why Did God Create Such Terrible Teeth?
Crocodiles, those symbols of exclusive meat-eating, have been seen eating watermelons- and enjoying it!  If today's known "exclusive" meat-eaters look for and eat fruit, why is it really a stretch to think that before the Fall they ate only plant matters like God said in Genesis? You know, we really should choose to believe the One who created the whole universe more than human scientists who change their minds every other year.

Sticking Your Neck Out
There is no way long necked dinos could have evolved. They would have died without any one piece of their magnificent body in place.  They had to have started out in exactly the shape we see their fossiles (and cave paintings) in today.

The Oldest American Petroglyphs
These are near my home:-)
This article doesn't mention it, but it isn't real uncommon to find petroglyphs with dinow in them. If dinos died out before humans evolved how did the humans know what they looked like enough to draw them on their walls?

Anyway, evolutionists are always so surprised at how smart cave men were. Creationists know, however, that "cave men" were perfectly normal human being who just took shelter in the best spot available at the time (possibly after being kicked out of their homes, before having time to build new ones.)
Was There an Ice Age?
Yes, actually there was:-) Article gives the evidence.

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