Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Rights of Parents and Children

 Homeschool Organization Joins Fight After Court Orders Children to Attend School for ‘Socialization’ 

The mom and dad got divorced. The mom wanted to continue to homeschool and the dad was cool with it. No problems, right?

The courts, however, ordered the children put into public school because the court appointed  "guardian ad litem" said her "gut instinct" was that the children needed the socialization. Not any scientific proof that public school provides better socialization, mind you.

Her "gut instinct" (per-conceived prejudice).

In fact, had the supposed experts in the case bother to do a bit of research they would have discovered that EVERY study on homeschool-vs- public school socialization has shown the homeschoolers to be BETTER socialized.

HSLDA and other homeschool organizations are fighting this verdict. Please keep them in your prayers, especially since if this ruling stands it sets the precedent that the court's random, supported opinion is more important than the parent's decisions.

All parent's rights are at stake here.

Quotes from web articles about daycare - 1996, p2
To hear feminists talk you would think a woman's choice is between having her child mothered-full-time or not.

The truth is that every child MUST have full-time mothering no matter what. The question really is "Will this child be mothered by Mommy or a hired babysitter?" 

Logic alone dictates that a child does better in the care of his God-given Mommy. Science supports this.

Every child has the right to be parented by his parents. Mommy's desire to have fame or fortune ("fulfilling, important career,") must come second . 

Stop Focusing on Millenials
A message to churches to quit catering to the "Millenials" (people born between  1980 and 2000). We should be preaching the Gospel, not marketing to target groups.

As a member or "the Forgotten Generation" (also known as Xers; born between 1965 and 1980) I can haeartely agree. Focusing on one group means ignoring others. And the Gospel Message is relevant for everyone.

(And now here's a scary thought: most Millinials have Boomers for grandparents. Can you imagine growing up with Granny and Granpy being ex-hippies?)

(And just for general information, my parents are just a couple of years too old to be Boomers and Hubby and I are a couple of years too young. They are from the Silent Generation. We're from the Forgotten Generation. We've both spent our lives watching society focus on everyone but us.)

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