Saturday, December 14, 2013

Plus, Minus, Misconceptions, and Fascinations of a large family

Large Family Logistics: Plus, Minus, Misconceptions, and Fascinations of the large family.

Yep, she got it right.

God designed most women to have many babies. The average before the invention of birth control was 7-8.

Science is discovering that this is actually healthier for women. First of all, the Pill is a level 4 carcinagen. Also,
  • The natural break from periods that comes with many pregnancies gives the body a rest.
  • The hormones of pregnancy stimulates the brain and makes it work better (I certainly write better when pregnant.)
  • The baby leaves behind fetal stem cells that go to different parts of the body healing what might be wrong.
And she learns organization and logistics management out of sheer necessity.

Besides this, children from large families:
  •  Learn cooperation, sharing, and patience.
  • There is always someone to play with.
  • They must learn how to deal with different personalities because, unlike at school where you get to choose your companions, you are stuck with your siblings.
Even dads benifit:
  • Men with six or more children have a longer average life span than men with few children.

Having kids keeps you young!

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