Monday, December 09, 2013

The Bible and Science

Why, when the “Infallible Word of God” appears to disagree with atheist scientists do we reinterpret the Bible and not the scientists?

When God said He created the world in six days, if He didn’t mean “six days,” then how do we know He meant Everlasting Life when He said “Everlasting Life”? If He did not Mean the whole earth was flooded when He said “the whole earth,” then maybe He didn’t meal “All have sinned” either. How many souls have been lost due to “reconciling” the scripture to science?

God carefully controlled the interpretation of scripture so it would retain its meaning. He could not have stated His meanings anymore clearly. Will we believe God or man?

(By the way, we aren’t talking about just one or two passages of scripture. A Six day, recent creation followed by a worldwide, cataclysmic flood are mentioned in nearly every book of the Bible!)

The major scientific creation organizations have several thousand-member scientists. Most of these are ex-evolutionists who could no longer deny the FACTS of science.

Ø  The “Geological Column” often used to prove evolution (with its 13 or so precise layers) is only found in one place on the planet…textbooks! In real life no more than five layers, (and seldom more than three), are EVER found. The layers often contain mixed fossils (from 2 or 3 different “eras” together) and layers are often in the “wrong” order. NONE of this should happen if evolution is correct. However, this is exactly the evidence we would expect from a worldwide, violent deluge. (And the positions of the fossils’ bodies indicate mass instant drowning to boot!)

Ø  Dinosaurs have lived with humans. See God’s description of Behemoth in Job. Plus human and dino footprints have been found together in several places worldwide; cave paintings have accurate portals of dinosaurs; and there are several mentions of living “dragons” in western literature over the last 1000 years (works of British Biology from the 1600’s, for example, have very accurate descriptions of mammals, birds, fish, etc. and call many of what we consider “extinct dinos” “currently living dragons”.) The Chinese Emperor had an honorary position called “Dragon Master.” It is entirely possible that this did not start out as an honorary position but was an actual office responsible for the care of the royal dragons used (according to Chinese literature/myths) in coronation ceremonies.

Ø  Carbon dating is very unreliable. Carbon has a half-life of 1400 years. Carbon is entering earth’s atmosphere from the sun. Scientists figured out that at 30,000 years old the earth’s carbon content would balance (the same amount would be coming in as is decaying). They assume we are past that point, that the rate of decay and absorption has been the same for billions of years, and that there was no original “daughter” material (what carbon decays into), nor that any mother or daughter material has been leached away at any time over history. They base all age calculations on these assumptions, and then throw out any dates they think are too old or too young! If the Bible is right, the earth has not yet reached carbon saturation point, the decay and absorption rates probably would have varied greatly before and during the flood making carbon levels totally unreliable. In addition, modern volcanoes put out “daughter” material, without the parent. At the decay rate of a 1400 year half-life, anything dead more than 100,000 years would have too little carbon to measure. We have never discovered ANYTHING with too little carbon to measure. All these problems plague all the other dating methods, also.

Ø  If you take two people (Mr. and Mrs. Noah) x 4 children average per family x 35 years per generation, reproducing at age 20 with an average life span of 80 x 4-5000 years since the flood you equal a world population of 3 billion people. Today’s world population? 2.5 billion. (However, Abraham had eight children and died at 180 years old. His grandson Jacob had 13 children and lived to be 150. Moses died at 120 but with only two children, so these numbers are very conservative at best.) By the way, using the formulae of 6 children per family, an average life span of 900 years, and 16-1700 years between Adam and the flood (the shortest time possible by the Bible), you get a pre-flood population of about 23 million people! Enough to literally fill the whole earth with violence- Genesis 6:11)

Ø  All the major geological features of the planet can be explained at least as well with a global flood as with the long time spans the evolutionists use, and in many cases, explained better.

The fact is that there simply is no proof for Macro Evolution. There are some nice theories that sound like they might be true, but Creationism can explain just as much or more of what we see in the world in just as scientific of a manner.

The only way anything can be classified as “true fact” scientifically is if it either is repeatable in the laboratory (which neither Creation nor evolution are) or if you have a reliable eyewitness. Evolution has no eyewitnesses. Creationism claims The Lord God Almighty as her eyewitness. This gives the scientific edge to Creationism.
The definition of the word “Christian” is “like Christ, follower of Christ.” Christ gave us the Bible for an instruction manual. He stated “If you love Me, keep my commands.” He also refereed to Noah and his flood as real people in real events and quoted scripture from the 1st-3rd chapters of Genesis as truth. We can’t keep His commands unless we read and believe the Bible. Young Earth Creationism followed by a global flood are taught throughout the Bible. I have a hard time understanding how anyone can claim to follow Jesus and believe the Bible without believing what It says about Creation and the flood.

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