Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Raising of Children

The economic benefits of childbearing
First of all, all of humanity ends if no one has kids. And in just one generation, too.

But these researchers go a step further; they figure the long term benefits each little human will eventually bring to society and find out that, Hey!, society is better off with people in it ("A growing population is a king's glory; a prince without subjects has nothing." Proverbs 14:28)

But what about the parents? How should those little people be turned into big people and who should do it? First of all...

How dads affect kids’ brain function 
 God made it take a Mom AND a Dad to make a baby because children need both. They do not grow up normal or healthy without both. Dad's in our culture have been marginalized and pushed out the door. This is a big part of the problems we have today. Men and women are very different creatures and children must have BOTH.

Boy Trouble
"Family breakdown disproportionately harms young males—and they’re falling further behind."

But a Woman NEEDS to be in the home.

This is clear in scripture.(Titus 2)

And this is the most...


place in the world to be.

Think about it:

  • BO is the man he is today because of what his mom and grandma taught him, because of the men they chose to have in his life.

  • The same can be said for Reagan, Bush, etc.
  • And likely the bum on the street.

Mom's rule the world!

The Pill: Making Motherhood “Better”?
"This writer wants a stay-at-home mother of nine and her hardworking husband (who supports his family as sole breadwinner) to cough up more tax dollars so she doesn’t have to face any “hard choices” or pay “ruinously high” amounts of money for other people to raise her children while she works. Pardon me if I sound just slightly incredulous, but does anyone else see the incredible inequity here?"

This link is to a woman's comments on the article about the Pill making women better mothers. What the Pill really did was allow women to not be mothers, especially not as often. And what feminism did was make women the measure of all things. It took away the unique honor of womanhood, the special privileges of the only thing that is uniquely female: childbearing.

Now women are measured on how manly they are. So very sad. Meanwhile, who is raising the children? It's not like no one needs to care for them if mom and dad are both gone all day. SOMEONE must be there. So many, many children are raised by a minimum wage worker while mommy and daddy earn money. And we wonder why so many more people are mentally ill.

I quote this particular paragraph because it so fits my family; 9 kids, homeschooled by homemaking mom while Hubby works 45+ hours a week with a 1 hour commute (that's one hour each direction). And you want ME to kick in enough money so you don't have to pay for someone else to care for your kids out of your own pocket? In other words you want my taxes to be so high I have no choice but to join you in the workforce. Then you won't feel so guilty.

Our Parenting Tragedy: Making Kids “Happy” is Making Them Helpless 

Of course that guilt from neglect (whether it's kicking daddy out, daddy abandoning the kids, or mommy pursuing fancy careers instead of building human beings) that causes parents to be too indulgent. They aren't there to give their kids what they really need so they give them the fakey stuff that will eventually ruin them.

Hubby has had to  work with some of these Gen Ys. They really do think they should get half a paycheck just for showing up. You're not helping them, parents!

Quit chasing money and start raising tomorrow, would ya?!

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