Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Due Dates

An Estimated Due Date is NOT and Expiration date!

The only study ever done to see when a woman had her baby if left alone said 41 weeks and 1 day was the norm.

Where did the old fashioned "40 weeks" come from?

A German doctor arbitrarily decided pregnancy should last 10 moons (each "moon" is 4 week; the time from one full moon to the next).

Real scientific there.

And now doctors are increasingly taking babies at 39 weeks. The reason for this is mostly to avoid law suits and control their own schedcule.

But let me ask you; did God know what He was doing when He created women? Wouldn't it be healthiest for all concerned (Mommy and Baby) to let those mechanisms that God put in place decide when a baby is born (unless there is an obvious REAL problem, of course.)

Time in a Bottle



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