Friday, April 25, 2014

gay marriage, taxes

MassResistance creates powerful 28-minute video on what 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts

The point of the whole gay marriage issue has nothing to do with equality. Christians are not harming gays, not denying them food or shelter, not demanding their execution. They simply want the basic human right to believe what they think is true and to only have to associate with those they want to. In fact, I believe both of those are in the Constitution.

No, the whole point of the gay marriage issue is to force everyone to believe what those in power believe. If you (properly) define Atheism as type of religion, you begin to see plainly that what we have going on in this country in many areas is a religious war; Atheism vs Christianity. The Atheist wants every one to bow to his god and believe the way he does. This includes allowing the government to decide what marriage is.

In fact, Hubby says this is when the church lost the gay marriage issue; when we allowed the government to take on the role of deciding what marriage is.  This is an issue that never should have been in the hands of the government in the first place. What right do they have to have a say in it in the first place? Its certainly not in the constitution or the Bible for this to be in the govs realm.

Three things that all of you serfs and peasants shouldn’t say on Tax Day | The Matt Walsh Blog

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