Saturday, April 05, 2014

Feminism, Excellence, and tolerence

LAF/Beautiful Womanhood � Authentic Feminine Excellence:
Why do we view other human persons, especially our own children, as stumbling blocks to our own development, fulfillment, and flourishing? How can we expect to explore a truly creative and feminine excellence if we insist that women must pursue and attain excellence in a fashion identical to that of men?

Domestic Felicity: Once upon a time - a brief history of feminism as I see it
We ought to question the purported value of contraception and abortion, and we should speak more freely about the damage they
have caused to women’s health, happiness, and flourishing. We need to
challenge the assumption that children are a hindrance to personal
development or career advancement. The sacrifices that both women and
men must make to raise children are very real, but so are the sacrifices
one makes to advance a career or pursue a talent. Why have we idolized
careers and talents at the expense of children and human relationships?

 Homeschooled Students are More Politically Tolerant Than Their Peers | Acton PowerBlog: a new study finds that when it comes to willingness to extend basic civil liberties to people who hold views with which one disagrees, homeschooled students are more tolerant than their peers: 

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