Monday, April 21, 2014

The Bundy Ranch

Our country was founded on the Bible and English Common Law (Common as in Sommon Sense- what the English courts had found to be laws of nature).

One English Common Law states that if a family lives on a property for 100 years that property is their.

The Bundys have been on that land for 140 years, long before it "became" government property. They have managed it well enough to make a living of that dry, barren desert land. And the truth about turtles is that they eat cow manure. The tortoise population is highest where cattle graze.

This entire episode of our history is a violation of Human Rights, plain and simple.

The Real Story Behind The Bundy Ranch Harassment… | Young Conservatives
As told by a man who was there. He said a lot of the cops actually weren't pointing their weapons. They knew this was wrong.

Harry Reid’s last roundup

And on what i, I am sure, a totally unrelated issue, Mr Reid, Senator from Nevada (but don't blame me, I didn't vote for him) is receiving fianancial rewards from a solar company that wants to build a soalr generation plant.

In the area of the Bundy ranch.

Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

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