Friday, April 04, 2014

The Constitution, wages, logic and Poverty.

Articles: Did Rush Limbaugh Just Endorse iCongress? I think it's a GREAT idea!

 Twin-party sham: backfiring on America? We don't really have two parties in America. We have two branches of the same party: socialist and socialist lite. A little reading of the writings of true believers in the Constitution tells us we have gone way off base.

 Articles: Obamacare's Gruesome Fiscal Logic As Hubby has been saying (tongue in cheek) we would solve ALL the countries problems if we just killed off everyone over 65. No more social security, no more medicare, way more jobs available. What a deal! The scary thing is, this seems to be the way the country is going.

There’s a gender wage gap stopping waitresses from making the same as commercial airline pilots | The Matt Walsh Blog The "gender wage gap" is due to differences in choice. Even then, if you adjust for time off during childbearing, women don't make less than men.

Obama's Pen vs. the Constitution - Eagle Forum BO obviously doesn't believe in the Constitution. He has made that plain from day one.

 How to End Poverty in Ten Tough Steps – Justin Taylor (Added to my wish list today:-) Do we have the guts to do it? Or are we ok with people being in poverty as long as we get our goodies?

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