Friday, April 11, 2014

Global Warming

Articles: Science and Panic: "If not for the political desire to attack fossil fuels and the industries they power, this funding would be non-existent, as would the “consensus” it pays for. Instead of tallying overt opinions of scientists, that “consensus” has been measured as John Cook did it, by the titles of their research. It creates a strange logic: because government funded thousands of climate research studies, AGW must be occurring, regardless of study results." 

The science is just not there for man-made climate change. Now, I do believe in global warming. You see, God sent this flood that covered the whole planet. Then He raised up mountains and dropped down valleys (oceans). These warm oceans blowing massive amounts of wet air over the draining continents created massive snow storms. Walla! Ice Age!

As the oceans cooled, the air dried out, the snow stopped and the inner parts of the land warmed. End of the Ice Age.

The earth has been warming ever since.

So in a way this IS man made warming.

It was man's sin that caused God to flood the earth in the first place.

But, again, the point is to make us submit to the government.

"Oh mighty government who is going to save us from ourselves!"

Socialist use the whole "The sky is falling!" rhetoric to control us.

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