Friday, April 25, 2014

Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschooling | The Matt Walsh Blog

Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschooling | The Matt Walsh Blog

My responses:
If, after 3 or more generations of parents being educated in public school they think their job is to get the kids to school and nothing else, maybe we should reevaluate where THEY were educated. Obviously, if the goal is for parents to be involved, the public schools have failed. Sacrificing the next generation to the same system won't fix that. The definition of insanity is...

Of course, the goal of PS has never been to create independent adults, but dependent children that obey their government and all think alike. In that area they are a huge success.

You are absolutly right that keeping my kids home doesn't support the system. Why would I want to support the system that is responsible for turning us all into obedient little drones for the government? Why would I WANT to support a system that took us from the most educated people in the world to a country with a literacy rate of 85%? That took us from a Christian nation to an atheist one? In the long run all the other children will benefit if the system fails and is dismantled, not if the failure is perpetuated for another generation.

"Socialization: the act of putting under government control." Don't want my kids socialized. I do teach them proper manners and attitudes for dealing with people. I do take them out to meet people from a wide range of backgrounds. But socialize them? No. I want my kids to be free, not slaves to the government.

And the fact that EVERYONE asks the same question proves that we are all brainwashed to think the exact same way.

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