Friday, April 18, 2014

A Post Full of Bias

But at least I know I'm biased:-)

Matt Walsh’s EPIC response to liberals who gush, “Respect the office!” | Young Conservatives  You know, I think he might be right. Respect should be earned, and one important facet of a free society is a profound distrust of those in power. If we don't stay very wary of them, we will become slaves.

These are easily the top ten questions to ask a liberal… | Young Conservatives
We should all ask ourselves these questions and be sure we can answer them logically and intelligently.

The 12 Unspoken Rules For Being A Liberal | Young Conservatives
Understanding the other side's thought process is important. We can never address the opposition if all we do is shout strawmen at each other. With that in mind, are there any liberals reading this blog? If so, tell me where today's links are wrong.

15 perfect examples of “Liberal Privilege” | Young Conservatives Hypocrisy at it's worst.

Liberal pundit writes about what she learned working for Fox News, I bet fellow liberals are now furious with her | Young Conservatives  
Gasp! She met some conservatives and they were, gasp! nice people! And intelligent!
Always be careful that your opinions are not formed by the propaganda of one side or the other. Always keep in mine that the odds are good whoever you are talking to thinks they are the most compassionate and the most logical.We all need to shut up once in a while and actually listen to the other side.

Carolla tears apart The Huffington Post, left-wing Hollywood and racist-baiters | Young Conservatives
Afraid I got upset enough at one of the commenters to actually answer him.  Get a clue! If you think its unfair that you are rich and your children have privalige there is a very easy solution to your problem! Give your money away and join the rest of us (in fact, just to help you out, I'll take it). If you think it's wrong for you to be rich, don't be. You don't have to take away my ability to pull myself up.

In fact, these policies of redistrabution are for the purpose of controlling people, not equalizing them.

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