Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Miscellaneous health links

Should Christians Use Herbs? Part 1

 Hormonal contraceptives nearly double stroke risk in women: American Heart Association | LifeSiteNews.com

Will You Be Required by Law to Vac 
Remember, studies say the richer you are, the more educated you are the LESS likely you are to vaccinate you dc. This makes these "education" classes nothing but pressure-times to intimidate parents into complying.

Drug companies can't be sued for damage done from vax's, making us all guinea pigs, really.

The rates of most of these diseases began falling decades BEFORE the vax's were introduced (starting about the time flush toilet were introduced, actually)

The rates of "whacky immune system" diseases have skyrocketed since the introduction of vax's (i.e. asthma, diabetes, cancer, MS, Lupus, FM, allergies, etc. Frankly, I would rather my child had measles for 2 weeks than asthma for life! And, yes, that is what I would wish on your child too.)

And as far as being forced to vax in order to send your child to  school, if you can't trust the gov to be honest on the issue of vax's, why in the world do you think you can trust them to educate your child?!cinate Your Child? - Aviva Romm

Doctors Say the Darndest Things (101 Jaw Dropping Examples) | The Healthy Home Economist

Home Birth: Why This Doctor Would Still Choose One - Aviva Romm: Where we choose to have our babies actually has to do with more than simply personal preference, spiritual beliefs, and romantic notions. It’s a public health and safety issue.

 The "Straight Poop" About Probiotics - Whole New Mom

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