Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lies and Uncomfortable Truths

Mr. Obama, maybe folks are mad because you’re a liar | The Matt Walsh Blog
The thing is, though, he told us the truth before he was ever elected. He said "I will fundamentally change America."

Obamacare was never about providing healthcare for the uninsured.If it was, the easiest thing to do would have been to write "Anyone who wants insurance come on down to the Medicaid office." on a post-it note and pass that.

No, the whole legislation was about making us socialist. You see, now we have now choice to but do what we are told or they will take our medical care away.

  • Don't want to vaccinate your kids? They can't see a doctor if you don't.
  • Want a hombirth? No problem. But you won't be able to get medical help if something goes wrong (unlike now when you just show up at the hospital and they help you). And your kid won't be able to see a doctor later.
  • Want to homschool? Go ahead. You just won't be able to get a doctor without an attendance certificate from school.

No, these things aren't happening yet.

But they will.


Articles: The Poverty Hoax

The war on poverty only solved one big problem: low professor wages in colleges.

Follow my logic here:
  • In order to administer all these programs, the government had to hire an entire army of beuracrates.
  • In order to make these people feel like they weren't receiving welfare themselves (make-work jobs), they were requiered to get college degrees.
  • The demand for degrees skyrocketed.
  • Basic laws of supply and demand= when demand for a product (in this case, college education)  goes up, so does the price.
  • College professors became much in demand, so their salary went up.
We still have the same percentage of poor in this country. The problem with the poor had nothing to do with them not having money. This was just the symptom. The poor look at work and money differently. That's the problem.

Here we actually come back to the Bible and Creationism. The Bible says humans are independent agents who make choices for their lives.

Evolution says humans are nothing more than animals who respond to condition-response (Pavlov's dog). If you give poor people money they will act like rich people.

The Left honestly believes this.

Those of us who have studied history and the Bible will tell you it's just the opposite. People choose how to act and that results in riches or poverty.

But that would make some things right and some wrong. That gets perilously close to admitting there is sin.

So the real results of the war on poverty has been the creation of a massive, middle class army of people who are "helping those poor people in poverty." This is, in fact, middle class welfare.

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