Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Well-Rounded Mama: Placenta Accreta: Brandy's Story

The Well-Rounded Mama: Placenta Accreta: Brandy's Story

The story of a mom's experience with complications from unnecessary c-sections. Most women are never told their are possible problems down the road, and too many doctors manipulate women into c-sections they just don't need.

And to the statement "You should just be glad you and baby are health," Hello! a woman with a scar across her belly, recovering from major, abdominal surgery is NOT healthy! She is damaged.

When a c-section is truly necessary (and occasionally it is) it is wonderful to have it available. That doesn't mean the mom isn't hurt. She still lost the expected experience of normal birth and she and baby still have to deal with the side affects (and yes, baby has side affects of an unnatural birth too, such as greater risk of asthma later in life.)

But when it is done for the benefit of the doctor or hospital (more money, less law suits, more time control) as it way too often in our country, it is an assault on the woman's body and her baby. It should be criminal!

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