Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Oh to dream!...
33 Awesome Inspirations for Your Dream Home
It would be so neat to build a house from scratch and incorporate some of these neat ideas. But back to planet Earth...

I was feeling overwhelmed the other day and discussing it with my mom. We came to teh conclusion that in order to accomplish everything I "need" to do I need to spend more time on the computer... and cleaning house... and in the garden... and with the kids... In short, we came tot eh conclusion that God messed up when He only made the day 24 hours long. It needs to be much longer. Of course if it was, I would likely just fill that up to over flowing too. Today a comment from an e-friend/distant relative got me to counting. I have 11 stores, including 4 cafe press shops, and 5 amazon a-stores (not counting my older children's a-stores I put on their blogs that reflect their own interests but aren't linked to me in anyway except through my amazon associate account). One of those 11 is my 10 year old's etsy shop that we will all put things up on. And at least two of those 11 could count as the church's, not mine. I also have 20 blogs on my dashboard; 3 defunct ones from a friend I have administrative rights to but have never done anything on, 3 for my children, 1 for the family as a whole, 5associated with our church's monthly (more or less) journal (which I write, edit and send), 2 for the general weekly function of the church itself (one for posting the music I pick for each service), 1 for my Hubby (who has never been the least bit interested in blogging in any way shape or form. I have done everything on it), 1 for The Betty's Books, one for my homeschool book, and one for my health book, one for herbs, and this one. I am webmaster for our church (upload the sermons each week, update the prayer list, manage the emails, design the weekly bulletin, write the articles [or edit the ones our pastor writes], and care for the overall design. Oh, and run the church facebook page and attached photo-album.) All while homeschooling, caring for the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, garden, animals, etc (overseeing really, since the dc take care of a great deal of it.) Why in the world should I feel overwhelmed? Why in the world should it take six months to do the update on my homeschool book? Why should I have a headache and feel exhausted? The first solution that comes to my mind is to find a way to combine all those shops into two: Church and me. But that will take time, and searching for the right program/website. Somehow I don't think that will help, at least in the immediate future. I really think our ancestors had it easier. They simply didn't have all these options and decisions to make.

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