Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gays, politics and sin

Homosexualist marriage, death, and compassion... | BaylyBlog
No one, no matter how conservative, is denying Gays medicine, food, etc. Even those conservatives who whole-heartedly believe homosexuality is wrong are commpassionate towards the sick, and in no way are denying anyone the basics of life.

They just resent having the Gay's religious beliefs shoved down their throats. 

 Articles: Gay Rights: An Unnecessary Battle: "We oppose business owners being coerced into participating or associating with events they deeply oppose religiously. I, as a gay Jewish person, have nothing to fear in regards to my rights from Christian interference. The work of Christians and Conservatives alike is to ensure the natural rights of all citizens are preserved. There simply is no evidence to the contrary."

The Left projects their own desires on everyone else. They want to force everyone to believe and live like they do, so they assume the conservatives do to. After all, there is no higher power to answer to than the US government so it has the right to rule the hearts of men. Thus, whoever wins the election has the right to determine what is "sin."

But the conservatives understand that that defeats the entire foundation of their belief system: All humans are free agents with the God Given Right  to make whatever choices they want to. If one human forces another to conform to the first human's opinion the first human has violated God's laws of the universe and must answer to Him. They have sinned.

As a result, a conservative will defend to the death your right to disagree with him, while a liberal will bully you into obedience.

 Hey gay rights militants: your fascism is showing | The Matt Walsh Blog

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