Monday, May 19, 2014

Miracle salve?

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I have been studying herbs for some time. At one point I ordered a healing salve from my favorite herb company (see the Echinacia flower above) that I was VERY impressed with. But our finances are, well, a bit less than optimal so I had to find a cheaper way to have the same product.

Besides, it is sort of my hobby to figure out how to make as many things myself instead of buying them that I can.

So began my quest to make my own salve. (Bulk Herb Store now sells a salve making kit to make this process easier) I have experimented for several years now. My brother loves the stuff, especially the "one with sticks." That was a time he was visiting and asked for more salve to take home with him, but I didn't have any made up or even any oil ready to make some with. So I powdered the herbs in my blender and just added them to the oil and melted beeswax directly. There were teeny tiny twigs that the blender missed. He swears that stuff heals his skin problems instantly, though he doesn't use it if he's leaving the house (doesn't want to wear sticks around.)

I had another experience with the salve this weekend.

I have been reading my new favorite herbal, "Be Your Own Doctor" (great book by the way. No, she doesn't mean set your own broken bones and do your own heart surgery. It's a book to teach us to use natural remedies to minimize trips to the doctor to true emergencies that only professionals can really handle instead of the everyday stuff anyone can do. Sort of an herbal first aid course.) The author extols the virtues of aloe vera and lavender oil for burns.

So when my daughter burned herself cooking lunch Saturday, I reached for my new bottle of aloe (after having her run it under cold water for a few minutes). That helped, but only slightly. So I tried my lavender oil.

Better but she was still nearly crying with the pain (this kid's tough with a very high pain tolerance). The wound was about five inches long and two inches wide with two blisters forming in the middle (I've had burns like this that would keep me awake all night with the pain). These two remedies did work, but only for a few minutes before needing to be reapplied.

Finally, I told her "get the salve." She smeared a good helping of the salve on and within seconds her pain was obviously reduced. In fact, she didn't complain about pain from it again. I had her keep applying it and within half an hour there was a visible reduction of the redness. Within two hours the burn was gone except where it had blistered, which was no longer blistered, just burnt.

This morning, (two days later) the burned spots are less than half the size they were yesterday and fading. She has NO pain whatsoever. In fact, she forgets about the burn and I have to keep reminding her to use it (she'll need to do this several times a day for a couple more days, probably, to make the marks go completely away.)

I am SO impressed with these God-made cures! I am trying to figure out a way to get salve onto my mothers liver, lung, and bone cancer!

So, your family needs this too! It replaces many products. Bulk Herb Store's is great, or I sell mine here (we're still working on a label:-). Or give a try to making your own. It's fun and fairly easy:-)

Hey, just a thought; would anyone be interested in the one with sticks as a supper salve?

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