Thursday, May 15, 2014

what does a stay-at-home mom do all day?

The San Francisco Globe

This man needs some child-training help.

Any way, what does a stay-at-home mom do all day?

  • Everything the daycare worker does with your children.
  • Everything the janitor of the daycare does when your kids aren't there.
  • Everything the maid does.
  • Everything the fastfood or convenience food people do.
  • Everything the janitors at the restaurants do.
  • (If they homeschool) everything your kids teacher does.
  • (If they homeschool) everything the school janitor does.
  • Everything the janitor would do for the SAHM if she worked outside the home.
  •  and many of them then have their own Work-at-home business work to do. 
Many working women mistakenly think they do all the same things as a SAHM plus hold down an outside job. This just isn't true. Someone else does all the child care for them during the day and they only have to deal with it at night. 

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